NFL 2011: Bears bump the Falcons

I also remember where I was ten years ago on this date.  Classical film theory class.  Someone from class tech came by the classroom, knocked on the door and said, “A plane has just flown into one of the World Trade Center towers.”  The professor continued to lecture for a couple of minutes while we waited for the televised news feed to be connected to the screen in our classroom.

When the images appeared, we all sat there in silence for a few more minutes and then the professor ended class.  I headed to the student center to meet up with friends.

And now on to NFL-ness.

What:  Game 2
Who:  Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears.
Where:  Soldier Field
When:  Sunday Sept. 11, 2011

First $0.25:
– Jay Cutler was quarterback for Chicago.  The Bears scored first with a field goal.
– Matt Ryan was quarterback for Atlanta.  The Falcons also scored with a field goal (a forty-eight yarder by Matt Bryant).
– Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass meant for tight end Tony Gonzalez in the bottom of the quarter.  A couple plays later, Bears running back Matt Forte made a fifty-six yard run into the end zone.
– Sigh… Falcons running back Michael Turner lost the ball when his team was on offense again.  The Bears recovered the fumble.

– Score: 10 Bears and Falcons 3.

Second $0.25:
– The Bears increased their numbers with a field goal in the middle of the quarter and another one in the bottom.

– Score: 16 Bears and 3 Falcons.

Third $0.25:
– After two quarters of jaw-dropping frustration, the Falcons finally whipped up something to smile about when Michael Turner broke through a line of Bears and made it to Chicago’s 32 yard line.  The Falcons produced a field goal at the end of the possession.
– Bears tight end Matt Spaeth made a TD catch in the middle of the quarter.  The Falcons had the ball again for the length of a sneeze when Matt Ryan lost control of the ball.  Brian Urlacher scooped up the ball and cradled it into the end zone.

– Score: 30 Bears and 6 Falcons

Fourth $0.25:
– Five minutes into the quarter, Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann gave his team a jolt of much-needed energy with an interception which became a TD.  The Falcons attempted but did not make a two-point conversion. Kenny Albert noted that tomorrow would be Biermann’s twenty-sixth birthday.

– Score 30 Bears and 12 Falcons.

Final Score: 30 Bears and 12 Falcons.

Miscellaneous Observations:

1.  Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston were the commentators for Fox.

2.  The National Anthem was by Jim Cornelison.  Johnston remarked that he cannot think of anyone else who can sing it in a more haunting manner.  I agree.

3. Whatever Chicago did during summer downtime has proven its efficacy.  Part of me actually thinks the Bears should win, if just by one point, otherwise they’d lose so much face.

4.  I flipped to myATLtv during the first half of the game.  The MTV show The City is syndicated on this channel.  Olivia Palermo.  Elle est tres belle! Mon dieu.  Lovely as  brunette and a blonde.  I’m five years older than she.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

Pic creds: here, here, and here.

7 thoughts on “NFL 2011: Bears bump the Falcons

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      The Falcons’ loss affected me more than I thought…I didn’t feel disappointed or saddened, but I was noticeably irritable the rest of the day. And then I watched the CBS special on 9/11 and my mood did a kind of 215 (more than a 180 but not quite a 360).

      I keep daydreaming about maple syrup, lattes, snuggling against a comfortable chair and reading….none of the imagining on purpose either.

      My false memories are back.

  1. Philippe

    “……Bears running back Matt Forte made a fifty-six yard run into the end zone……..”

    Quand j’ai vu ces mots, “….Bears running….”, je me suis souvenu la chanson, *”Running Bear”* par Johnny Preston.

    En fait, chaque membre des Chicago Bears est un Running Bear.

    Si le nom des Chicago Bears changerait à Chicago Dogs, chaque membre serait un Running Dog. Donc on espère que ce changement de nom ne se passera pas.

  2. jammer5

    Quite a fascinating first week. Chiefs blown out; Tony doing his usual meltdown when the game is on the line; Broncos fans screaming for Tebow, when he’s the last person they’d want in a game; Cam doing his college routine on the big stage, much to everybodies surprise; Chargers making a comeback this early in the season; McNabb throwing for a whole 37 yards; Steelers looking like a Mountain West team, only worse.

    I’m getting a prescription for Nitroglycerine tabs to get me through the rest of the season.

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