NFL 2011: Falcons wrap-around the Seahawks

It’s great to be a Yellow Jackets fan.  Go GaTech.

What: Game 5
Who: The Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks
Where: CenturyLink Field
When: Sunday October 2, 2011

First $0.25:
– The Falcons scored first with a touchdown reception made by tight end Tony Gonzalez.

– Score: 7 Atlanta and 0 Seahawks.

Second $0.25:
– Four minutes into the quarter, Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton intercepted Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  A few plays later, Falcons running back Michael Turner ran the ball into the end zone.
– Halfway through the quarter, the Seahawks demonstrated offensive skills with a fifty-two yard Sidney Rice TD.
– With just under three minutes left in the quarter, Michael Turner struggled to break the plane, and break it he did (with one hand).  The Falcons increased their lead with a forty-seven yard field goal at the bottom of the quarter.

– 24 Falcons and 7 Seahawks.


Third $0.25:
–  The second half began with a fifty-yard Falcons FG and was followed by a Mike Williams Seahawks TD.
– Pop went the bally in the bottom of the quarter as the Falcons caused and recovered a fumble in the end zone; they ended up having to punt the ball away, though.  The Seahawks returned to where they were before the turnover and got their TD, courtesy of running back Marshawn Lynch.

– Score 27 Falcons and 21 Seahawks

Fourth $0.25:
– The Falcons raised their lead with a FG in the top of the quarter.
– The Seahawks weren’t going to let their fans down; wide receiver Benjamin Obomanu made a TD catch in the middle of the quarter.
– Seahawks and a sixty-yard Steven Hauschka FG attempt?  NO GOOD!

– Final score: 30 Falcons and 28 Seahawks

Miscellaneous Observations:

1.  Commentary was provided by John Lynch and Craig Bolerjack for Fox.

2.  Both teams donned an array of hot pink (gloves, shoes, towels) as a nod to breast cancer awareness.

3.  Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is quick on his feet.

4.  What did Falcons wide receiver snack on while he was sitting on the sidelines after the Falcons FG in the top of the third quarter?  It was a granola-looking bar.

5.  Johnny English Reborn.  I love the part when he sinks with his chair.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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