Off Topic: Today’s Verse 56

Siiiiiigh.  Self-presentation means bollocks
when passers-by insist on misperception,
clinging to the immediate interpretation of what’s in front of their eyes. 
They don’t pause to consider
what they see isn’t what they’d get
if they would brainstorm alternative
to the meaning behind their sight…


I could wear a skyscraper, singe my fingernails in neon rain
propagate a persona of lilies
and you’d process the contrary anyway;

I may carry a case branded X,
once or twice or weeks on and

the case would be mine
it would have to be

Because why be seen with such a commodity
if it wasn’t my property,
but oohhh

The error of your judgment

Why not stop to think the X is just
under my care,
while its owner is away

Since you don’t believe me about the lilies
and you don’t buy the neon charred upon me,

why construe a falsehood based on something else you see?

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