NFL 2011: Falcons trip up the Lions

The Atlanta Falcons at the Detroit Lions?  Where do I sign up?

First $0.25:
–  Three minutes into the quarter, and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw an interception.  Lions corner back Eric Wright got his hands on the ball.
– The Falcons’ defense was able to keep the Lions to a field goal; towards the bottom of the quarter, the Falcons tied with a FG. With just a few seconds left, the feathered flappers increased their numbers with a touchdown, courtesy of Matt Ryan getting the ball across the goal line.

Score: 10 Falcons 3 Lions

Second $0.25
– The Lions’ FG at the top of the quarter diminished the Falcons’ lead.
– Halfway through the quarter, Matt Ryan and Falcons wide receiver Roddy White connected for a TD.

Score: 17 Falcons 6 Lions

Third $0.25
– The Lions put up another FG in the seven or so minutes into the quarter.
– Chris Redman stepped in for Matt Ryan for a couple of snaps in the middle of the quarter.  The Falcons upped their lead with a FG at the end of that possession.
– Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson got the first touchdown for his team in the bottom of the quarter.

Score: 20 Falcons 16 Lions.

Fourth $0.25
– Matt Ryan was intercepted again, luckily the Lions did not score as a result of that turnover.  The Falcons got another FG but the Lions still had plenty of time to tie the score with half of the quarter left.
– The Falcons defense was able to keep the Lions from red zone action.  Matt Stafford limped off the field with under ninety seconds left in the game.

Final score: 23 Falcons 16 Lions.

Miscellaneous Observations:

1. Sam Rosen and Brian Billick were commentators for Fox.

2. Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli was injured three minutes into the fourth quarter.  He was able to hobble off the field with Falcons staff flanking him, but the discomfort was visible on his face.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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