Overheard at Taco Mac

Table 1 consisted of Florida Gators fans, two guys and one girl.  Guy 1 faced me.  He had hot wings.  Guy 2’s back faced me.  He had a taco.  I’m not sure what the girl ate other than the new loaded sweet potato fries.

Guy 1 reminded me of Tom Hardy and Sam Worthington.  Imagine Hardy’s features on Worthington’s face.

They clapped whenever the Gators got another ten yards and applauded every flag on South Carolina. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they ended up cheering every time a Cardinal got an aesthetically unflattering televised close-up.

Guy 1 said at one point, “You ain’t Tebow.”
Guy 2 barked, “Oh come on!” after the Gators quarterback got sacked either at the bottom of the third quarter or the top of the fourth.  (Their beloved reptiles eventually lost to the birdies by just five points.)

The occupants of table 2 were at Taco Mac for the UGA-Auburn game and talked about the state of Penn.  As of the bottom of the second quarter, the Tigers have a lot of catching up to do in the second half.

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