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Off Topic: Today’s Verse 59

Another song parody that was inspired by an iconic Gen-X film and David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method (2011) .  The soundtrack of the former was among the first CD’s I’d ever owned.

Can you guess the original song or singer?

At Jung’s place
I only hear what Freud wants to
At Jung’s place
I talk soul all the time, soul

And Freud thought what I felt – residual, and Freud thought that I dove so long
And now that I am dreaming, now I know that Freud did something wrong cause I missed Jung,
yeah I missed Jung

At Jung’s place
I only hear what Freud wants to,
I don’t wake up hard, don’t premonition to the voices that Jung’s gunning
to anyone, anywhere, I don’t understand if Jung really cares
Freud’s only nearing precipice, go go go mad

So I churned libido on, I burned libido up
and this woman was sewing my wrongs
Love her in love and the others don’t delay
Love her in trying cause the others won’t save

Some of us blunder while we sleep for the brother who was lying prince all day they adore
well, bliss is not crass, Freud thinks that I’m sinking but I’m sewn

And Freud thought I’d give forever but now he’s not so sure
Jung tries to tell me I’ll get better but that won’t sway me anyhow or anywhere with him
Jung said that I’ve drunk the mead and Freud thought that it was vodka
He thought, hey she can lean, she can lean, oh, but now he knows that he was wrong
cause I missed Jung, yeah, I missed Jung

Jung said he taught me and he warns me and one day he’ll fetch my coat
Jung tried to sift away a dreamer or dream me cause you know Freud’s just so scared to bruise

At Jung’s place, same

At Jung’s place
I only hear what Freud wants to.

— yiqi 16 april 2012 5:44 pm