Daily Archives: May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 2012: Je mange, j’achete des sandales bleues

I began my day with lunch at Uncle Julios in Sandy Springs/Dunwoody.  The Strawberry Guava Lemonade was scrumptious.  The waitress reminded me of actress Emily Grace-Murray, whom I met a few years ago at the Atlanta Film Festival.  I’ve been to Uncle Julios Buckhead location when it used to be called Casa Grande as well as when its name changed.  Today was the first time at the Perimeter location.  I got the Ceviche Royale (yummy) and the Matamoros (Mesquite grilled marinated frog legs with chicken and beef fajitas).  I am not a fan of dinner theatre.  While I do enjoy an aesthetically arranged platter, I don’t need the food to sizzle and dazzle me.  The waitress had the kitchen put the food on a non-sizzling plate.

Behold: Eating the frog prince.

I’ve had frog legs before, Chinese style, years and years ago when George Bush Sr. was President.  Frog legs in Mandarin is “tian ji,” which means “sweet chicken.”

After lunch, I purchased a pair of Merrell sandals.  This kind but in grayish-blue.