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When I met Ray Bradbury

From one over-active imagination to one splendid imagination, may you OIS and PIPOnward in Serenity and Persevere in Peace.

When I met Ray Bradbury, the world was so different and yet very much the same as it is today.  Traveling via airplane was a considerably less exhausting endeavor, bringing work home meant a suitcase filled with papers; yet people still misinterpreted others’ intentions and convincing people to invest in a business still required an arm, a leg, lots of documentation and a winning smile.

I was in eighth grade in the fall of 1996 when I met Ray Bradbury at a book signing at the Oxford Too bookstore in the Peachtree Battle shopping center in Buckhead, GA.  This store has long been gone but my memory is as crisp as fresh iceberg lettuce.  The substitute English teacher told my class about it and since I was a fan of Fahrenheit 451, I went to the signing.  I brought along my copy of Fahrenheit on the chance that he would autograph it.

He was such a kind man and had a warm, firm handshake.


He was a Guest Programmer for TCM a few years ago.

Watch the promo spot:

Read about the films he selected here.

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