Don’t Waste your breath, I Don’t speak your language

Although I’ve never been the target of the effects of obscene, malicious expressions of anti-minority mentalities, I’m all too familiar with other ethnic minorities mimicking sounds reminiscent of a non-dubbed Bruce Lee film.  I used to be annoyed by such utterances until I realized that when these guys would ching and chong, they sounded more like a lousy attempt at making fun of Cantonese.

I don’t speak Cantonese*; there’s no reason for me to be so bothered.

When I was at the Mall of GA today, I noticed a Spanish-speaking kiosk employee trying to get the attention of a shopper who might’ve known Spanish.**   I happened to look in her direction after we’d both walked past that cart.  She saw me as she sighed and smirked as if to say, “lame.”   As I continued walking, I wondered how many times this kind of exchange happens every second.  People who may appear to know a certain language but really don’t end up sighing or explaining, “I don’t speak Spanish; I speak Portuguese.”  or “I’m not Japanese; I’m Thai.”

“Bloody hell, I’m IRISH not SCOTTISH.”

* I know random Cantonese phrases.  My French is much better than my Cantonese.

** She may have been a Spanish speaker too and was irritated by that employee’s tone.

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