Sports Illustrated or ESPN

Whether it’s the print edition, the web site, the digital edition (downloaded for a tablet or other e-reader), or on a phone, as a sports fan, who do you prefer?

Sports Illustrated



Even though this blog entry is four years old, I find its observations on the print editions of each magazine astute and applicable today.

I don’t have a preference for either site since I find their design and user interface grow evermore like a financial ticker tape with every passing year.  When I was blogging about NFL and college football, I went to,, and each school’s respective sites. has changed the landing page after clicking “Magazine” in their navigation tab.  Just a couple of years ago, it would load a preview of its print edition.  A table of contents, a few online versions of the article.  Not anymore.  It now goes to an introduction page about accessing magazine content beyond the tangible magazine.  ESPN implemented a digital content access program a few years go.

There was also the jaunt to EDSBS every now and then.

The Economist has quality sports reads.  Dare I say I like the content and presentation of its Tumblr more than its main site?

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