Off Topic: 50 nifty United States Part 3

Two years ago I compiled a list of news pieces from around the US.  I didn’t do it last year so I’m doing it now.

Alabama – Jane Lerner on good food.

Alaska – Anchorage gets the bodies in September.

Arizona – Diamondbacks and Astros.

Arkansas – How to build a retaining wall.

California – What’s happening at a bookstore named after an Englishman?

Colorado – There’s such a thing as pro cycling in the US?

Connecticut – Citizens who see it and want it fixed.

Delaware – Is there a Hardee’s near you?

Florida – Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ cheerleaders!

Georgia – 11alive’s Doug Richards and Adult Swim.

Hawaii – The best in the state according to Conde Nast’s Traveler.

Idaho – Makes me feel like I’m in a woodland lodge.

Illinois – Yes, there’s a society for mushroom love here.

Indiana – For the Colts fans.

Iowa – Meet the people of the University of Iowa’s Department of Cinema and Comparative Lit.

Kansas – the state’s Constitution.

Kentucky – KY has a love mountains day.

Louisiana – Art in LA.

Maine – brick wall of a background.

Maryland – Eat less poultry at UMD?

Massachusetts – 3-D sans glasses at MIT.

Michigan – Goings on in Lansing.

Minnesota – Mall of America without power?

Mississippi – What is an “interpretive site” ?

Missouri – Gun sales, recalled beef, and saving energy.

Montana – Representing the state through song.

Nebraska – Moving tips.

Nevada – Sword-wielding man shot in a Dairy Queen.

New Hampshire – There’s no crying in football.

New Jersey – NFL Films has a blog!

New Mexico – Shunning aggressive begging.

New York – For New York Giants fans.

North Carolina – Creative Loafing Charlotte enjoyed The Campaign.

North Dakota – Gluten-free ingredients.

Ohio – Beachwood Place is hiring.

Oklahoma – $1 million in crystal meth.

Oregon – Korean War vets honored in Portland.

Pennsylvania – lettuce recalled.

Rhode Island – Brown University and the health of the ocean.

South Carolina – bumper-to-bumper and the PGA.

South Dakota – Kids in water balls.

Tennessee – Restaurants you won’t find anywhere else.

Texas – Where did all the eclairs go?

Utah – What did John McCain say about Mitt Romney during a recent visit to the state?

Vermont – Next time you drive through

Virginia – Potential changes to post-season high school sports.

Washington – earthquakes.

West Virginia – 5200 incoming freshmen at WVU.

Wisconsin – Swine flu the next generation.

Wyoming – They crossed state lines.

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