I Saw No Wonder

Detour: Chris Redman and Ovie Mughelli  Falcons no more.


The first time I had heard of the existence of this particular retail store focused on women’s fashion and accessories taste was on AMCs The Pitch.  The show presented the merchandise and mise-en-scene of the store in such a way that I was curious about what it would be like to visit one.  Lucky me.  My city now has a C-Wonder store.

I went to the grand opening, walked around, and saw no wonder that was reflective of the impression that episode of The Pitch created.  My initial thoughts while perusing the displays were:

– It’s like Victoria’s Secret with more normal clothes and handbags.

– It’s like Swoozie’s with more clothes and handbags.

– Is every other person in this store an employee?

– The web site produces a more appealing experience even though it lacks the visual emphasis on clothing.

A business’s web site should not only produce an authentic representation of provided products and services, but there should also be an effective translation of what it’s like to be in the store (if there is one).  A web site should make the (potential) customer want to go to the store*.  For C-Wonder’s Atlanta location, unless there is a stunning fall or winter window display, I can’t imagine myself returning just for the decor.**  ‘Tis unfortunate because I will go inside a retail store primarily for the interior design, such is the case with Z-Gallerie.

Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie are good examples of the other retail experience I enjoy.  Their online environment and tangible catalogue are consistent with their in-store atmosphere.

* Unless you’re Pottery Barn because all I need is the catalogue and an occasional visit to the web site.

** Why couldn’t C-Wonder have thought to expand to Atlanta in those months after Niketown Phipps closed?  That space would’ve been amazing for a C-Wonder…there would be enough space to be amazed.

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