NFL 2012: Falcons roll over the Chiefs

The Atlanta Falcons battled the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium today in the first game of the regular 2012 season.  Televised on Fox and narrated by Brian Billick and Thom Brennaman, the first quarter began with the Falcons on offense.  With Matt Ryan in quarterback duties, their first possession resulted in a touchdown via wide receiver Julio Jones.  By the end of the quarter, the Falcons put up three more points with a field goal.  By the top of the second quarter, though, the Chiefs tied the score with a field goal and a TD (QB Matt Cassel threw to tight end Kevin Boss.  Atlanta 10 and Kansas City 10.

The Falcons regained the lead in the middle of the second quarter with another Julio Jones TD catch-and-run.  Atlanta 17 and Kansas City 10.  The Chiefs responded with forty-six yards of running back Jamaal Charles.  Shortly thereafter, the Chiefs tied the score again with a Matt Cassel TD.  Atlanta 17 and Kansas City 17.  By the bottom of the third quarter, the Falcons got on top again with a field goal, a Matt Ryan TD, and a Tony Gonzalez TD.  The Falcons were poised for another trip to the end zone but wide receiver Roddy White couldn’t quite keep his hands on one of Matt Ryan’s throws.  A field goal followed.  Atlanta 37 and Kansas City 17.

The fourth quarter began with Falcons defense skills that turned a Stephen Nicholas interception into a field goal.  The Chiefs managed to squeeze out a TD with fewer than 20 seconds left to play, thanks to running back Shaun Draughn.  Atlanta 40 and Kansas City 24.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellanea:

1.  After making his first TD of the game in the bottom of the third quarter, Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez dunked the football over the horizontal bar of the uprights.   He used to be a Chief.

2.  There was a scuffle on the sidelines in the middle-ish of the fourth quarter where a Chief got his fingers in the wrong part of Falcons cornerback Chris Owens.

3.  GT Yellow Jackets clobbered Presbyterian.

4. UGA Bull Dogs killed the competition.

5.  GSU Eagles were not so lucky.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

2 thoughts on “NFL 2012: Falcons roll over the Chiefs

  1. Christopher

    Tu n’as pas écrit sur ​​le football depuis si longtemps, je pensais que tu en étais devenue fatigué.

    Parce que je suis un fan de tennis, je toujours deviens contrarié chaque fois que la finale de l’US Open est retardée en raison d’un match de football télévisé est pas encore terminé.

    Heureusement, cette année, à cause de la pluie, la finale aura lieu demain (lundi). Donc, le match commencera à l’heure. Yippie!!


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