What Did You just Call Me?

Yoo heard mingBinchChocoHeimPo-Teau.



Have you ever pulled up to an intersection with the intention of turning right and then switch over one or two left lanes because either the farthest right lane eventually disappears or you want to turn left within a block of that intersection?

And then the impatient motorist behind thinks that because you’re in the right turning lane (with a yield sign) at this particular intersection that you’re going to turn according to what he considers to be ample time to turn?


It’s one thing if you have ample time and space to turn right and then move over one or two lanes but come on, dude.  You are behind me.  You can’t see what I can see. Ahem, oncoming cars.
It’s pretty funny, though, to see this sort of motorist end up going nowhere fast post-turn because there is a string of cars ahead going nowhere at all.

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