NFL 2012: Falcons monster mash the Chargers

The Atlanta Falcons hopped time zones to the west and went up against the San Diego Chargers.  The first quarter was mostly uneventful until Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Jacquizz Rodgers put together a touchdown. There was no extra point, though, due to wonky ball trajectory.  I didn’t watch the second quarter or part of the third quarter, but when I did tune back in, I was amazed that the Falcons were in the lead with 20 points to the Chargers’ 3.  And then the top of the fourth quarter happened.  Although the Falcons defense was sharp and nimble, the Chargers’ defense brought out their own glow sticks when cornerback Antoine Cason intercepted Matt Ryan.

The Falcons weren’t about to be disheartened, though.  By the end of their next possession, running back Michael Turner made a trip to the end zone.  Atlanta 27 and San Diego 3.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Michael Turner’s fourth quarter TD was followed by brief end zone celebrating in the form of him giving wide receiver Roddy White a piggy-back-ride for a couple of steps.

2.  The Falcons second quarter TDs were made by tight end Tony Gonzalez and wide receiver Julio Jones.

3.  Upon returning from commercial break at the two minute warning, the Fox broadcast included some footage of Matt Ryan and Falcons owner Arthur Blank talking and intertwining forearms.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

One thought on “NFL 2012: Falcons monster mash the Chargers

  1. Christopher

    Je pense que l’humiliation de cette défaite va allumer un feu dans les âmes des Chargers, pour qu’ils éviscéreront les Falcons la prochaine fois qu’ils se rencontrent.


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