NFL 2012: Falcons canola oil the Redskins

The Washington Redskins played host to the Atlanta Falcons today.  Broadcast on Fox and with commentary provided by Sam Rosen and John Lynch, the Falcons had the ball first but didn’t do much with it.  Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III seemed to do better…until Falcons tackle Jonathan Babineaux and cornerback Dunta Robinson co-sacked him.   The first quarter came and went without much excitement for either team.

The second quarter started quite absurdly as Falcons quarterback was cleanly intercepted by Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan for a touchdown.  He then jumped into the arms of awaiting Redskins fans to celebrate.  Washington 7 and Atlanta 0.  Redskins kicker Billy Cundiff missed  thirty-one yard field goal in the bottom of the quarter.  The Falcons popped out a TD via two crucial catches by tight end Tony Gonzalez with under a minute left in the first half.  Washington 7 and Atlanta 7.

The third quarter boasted a somewhat sharper Redskins offense, though their trip down to the red zone area resulted in a field goal.  Washington 10 and Atlanta 7.  Robert Griffin III had to leave the game soon after on account of a hard hit by two Falcons.  Kirk Cousins stepped in for him in the bottom of the quarter.

The fourth quarter sprang out with a TD catch by Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.  Atlanta 14 and Washington 10.  The Redskins responded with a seventy-seven yard TD catch-and-run by wide receiver Santana Moss.  There were zero Falcons within spitting distance of Moss.  Kirk Cousins might be a rookie backup QB, but he probably just earned himself job security through (much of) the season.  Washington 17 and Atlanta 14.  Would Falcons kicker Matt Bryant be able to make a fifty-three yard FG in the middle of the fourth quarter?  Si! The Falcons have tied it.  Washington 17 and Atlanta 17.

SUGARY GUM DROPS!  Falcons running back Michael Turner transported himself into the end zone with three minutes left in the game.  Kirk Cousins may have wanted to give his team another chance to pull out some magic but then he threw an interception straight into the bosom of Dunta Robinson.  After getting the ball back, Cousins did it again … into Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud‘s arms.  Atlanta 24 and Washington’s 17.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania

1.  The Falcons wore white tops and white bottoms.  Many Falcons wore hot pink towels or gloves.  The Redskins wore maroon tops, yellow bottoms, hot pink shoes, and hot pink shoelaces.  Some players wore hot pink socks and gloves.

2.  The suspense of whether or not an intended receiver will catch a ball as depicted in televised football increases when the camera is focused on the quarterback before moving to the receiver, who may or may not be surrounded by the other team’s defense.  If the camera were able to have both offensive players in view, there would be less perceived “unknown” of complete or incomplete pass.

3.  After Julio Jones made the TD in the top of the fourth quarter, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White leaped onto Julio’s left shoulder and hung out there for several seconds. Could one call it planking?

4.  The rain started coming down hard after Michael Turner made a TD in the fourth quarter.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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