NFL 2012: Falcons barely shave by the Buccaneers

How was your Thanksgiving break? Did you gravy and pumpkin pie (but not together)?  Watch the Houston Texans sneak a win over the Detroit Lions?  Or maybe you went to the movies?  I did.  I had some Breaking Life of Karenina  Kristen Stewart is a hot vampire.  Is she hotter than Nina Dobrev as a vampire?  It’s debatable.  The visual style of Anna Karenina reminded me of Baz Luhrmann and Mira Nair.  Although the reason I went to see the film was Keira Knightley, I ended up enjoyed Jude Law‘s performance much more.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

The Atlanta Falcons headed south to Tampa Bay to go up against the Buccaneers.  Broadcast on Fox, the Falcons were on offense first and put a thirty-one yard field goal on the board.  Atlanta 3 and Tampa Bay 0.   The Bucs responded with a touchdown courtesy of running back Doug Martin.  The Falcons then put up a TD, thanks to running back Jacquizz Rodgers.  Atlanta 10 and Tampa Bay 7.  Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw an interception with about six minutes left in the first half.  Buccaneers safety Ronde Barber intercepted the ball.  The Falcons’ defense was able to keep the Bucs to a field goal.  Atlanta 10 Tampa Bay 10.  Falcons kicker Matt Bryant’s twenty-two yard FG attempt was no good.

The Bucs took a brief lead with a FG in the middle of the third quarter.  Matt Ryan then connected with wide receiver Julio Jones for an eighty-yard TD.  Atlanta 17 and Tampa Bay 13.  The top of the fourth quarter saw the Bucs regain the lead with another Doug Martin TD.  Tampa Bay 20 and Atlanta 17.  The Falcons might have been able to bait-and-switch the Arizona Cardinals last week for a win, but the Tampa Bay Bucs cannot be defeated with similar tactics.  Following a fumble recovered by the Bucs (Matt Ryan was tackled and the ball fell out of his hands), they increased their lead with another FG.  Halfway through the fourth quarter the Falcons responded by getting running back Michael Turner into the end zone.   A few minutes later the Bucs would attempt but not nail a FG.  The Falcons had the ball in the last couple minutes of play.  Matt Bryant’s forty-eight yard FG try was no good.  Atlanta 24 and Tampa Bay 23.  Final score.

Observations and Miscellania:

1.  Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis were the commentators.

2.  The Falcons have to play better next week.  Don’t win by a yawn or a skip-to-my-lou; win by a mile.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here

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