NFL 2012: Panthers hang-nail the Falcons

The Carolina Panthers played host to the Atlanta Falcons today.  Televised by Fox, the Panthers took to offense first.  Halfway into the first quarter, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and tight-end Greg Olsen made a touchdown connection.  The Panthers increased their numbers in the top of the second quarter with a field goal.  Carolina 10 and Atlanta 0.

The Panthers got another field goal with just over four minutes left in the second quarter.  The manner in which the Falcons were and were not playing in the first half of the game compels me to wonder if they implemented the Bait-and-Switch plan: make the other team score and feel enthusiastic only to come around and dominate in the second half.  Going into halftime, the Panthers inched up their lead with yet another FG. Carolina 16 and Atlanta 0.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “you snooze, you lose,” well based on the non-performance of the Falcons in the top of the third quarter, they were definitely snoozing and losing.  Just like Nyago.


Cam Newton slipped through the Falcons defense and whipped his body seventy-two yards into the end zone.  Carolina 23 and Atlanta 0.  Would Matt Ryan and his wide receivers do anything for the Falcons as the third quarter tick-tocked to under seven minutes?  After two quarters and eleven minutes into the third, the Falcons finally demonstrated their athletic abilities with a TD catch by wide receiver Roddy White.  Carolina 23 and Falcons 7.  The fourth quarter was more generous to the Falcons as Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones connected for a TD.  They attempted and nearly successfully executed a two-point conversion.  Carolina 23 and Atlanta 13.  Atlanta challenged the ruling but not to their benefit.  The rest of the quarter did not progress favorably for the Falcons.  Matt Ryan threw an interception with six minutes left on the clock.

I stepped away from the game at that point.  The Panthers would triumph over the Falcons, 30 to 20.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Footage in the bottom of the first quarter revealed that after Greg Olsen made the TD, which gave the Panthers a 7-0 lead, Olsen gave the ball to a young girl who was sitting behind the end zone.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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