NFL 2012: Falcons pot pie the Giants

After sustaining a loss from the Carolina Panthers, the Atlanta Falcons would try to redeem themselves with a victory against the New York Giants.  Broadcast on Fox, the Giants began on offense.  Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel intercepted Giants quarterback Eli Manning two minutes into the quarter.  Shortly thereafter, Falcons running back Michael Turner maneuvered himself into the end zone for a touchdown.  The Giants responded with a failed field goal attempt.  Atlanta 7 and New York 0.  A series of stellar plays between Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and his teammates (including Harry Douglas) led to Falcons tight-end Tony Gonzalez making a TD catch with less than two minutes left in the quarter.  Atlanta 14 and New York 0.

Three minutes into the second quarter, Falcons safety Thomas Decoud intercepted Eli Manning’s pass meant for Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.  A TD did not result from  that turnover but a thirty-eight yard Matt Bryant FG did.  Atlanta 17 and New York 0.  Today’s game was decidedly much more encouraging to watch for Falcons fans as the top of the third quarter increased the Falcons lead with a TD courtesy of wide receiver Julio Jones.  Matt Bryant put up another FG with seconds left in the third.

Julio Jones and Matt Ryan connected for a TD in the bottom of the fourth quarter.   Where were these Falcons last week? No matter, shutting out the Giants for the entire game was nonetheless a lovely sight.  Atlanta 34 and New York 0.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Falcons wide receiver Harry Douglas engaged in “sideline salsa,” as the commentators referred to it, some time in the early portion of the third quarter leading up to a commercial break.  One of the cameras captured him from the back in a high-angle shot.  The movement of Harry’s hips and arms were reminiscent of the salsa side-step and some of this rhumba.

2.  With just under six minutes in the third quarter, Giants cornerback Corey Webster and Falcons wide receiver Roddy White got into a scuffle.  Both were given off-setting penalties.  Replay footage indicated (at least to me) that Webster instigated the brief rumble.  He shoved White; White responded with physical contact, but it looked more of “get back” rather than “bring it.”

3.  The Falcons’ game-play today was representative of the Falcons from the first ten games of the season: big plays, momentum, and

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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