NFL 2012: Falcons doorstop the Lions

The Atlanta Falcons, the Detroit Lions, and Monday Night Football on Saturday on ESPN.  The Lions started on offense but didn’t do much with the ball, neither did the Falcons when they got the ball.  On their next possession, though, more than halfway into the first quarter, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Roddy White connected for a touchdown.  Atlanta 7 and Detroit 0.  The Lions put a field goal on the table.  Roddy White made another trip to the end zone during the Falcons’ next possession in the second quarter.  Just shy of halftime, Matt Ryan and Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones connected for a beauty of a TD; the Lions inched up with a FG.  Atlanta 21 and Detroit 6.

The third quarter was rather uneventful until Lions running back Mikel Leshoure got his body into the end zone.  Atlanta 21 and Detroit 13.  His teammate tackle Gosder Cherilus then bear-hugged him (from behind) and lifted him off his feet.  Another potential Lions TD was downgraded to a FG in the top of the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 21 and Detroit 16.  Eight minutes into the fourth, the Falcons increased their lead with a third TD, courtesy of tight-end Michael Palmer.   Atlanta 28 and Detroit 16.   SUGARY DONUTS WITH VANILLA CREAM!!  A pass Matt Stafford had meant for Calvin Johnson to catch was intercepted by Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel.  Calvin is 6’5″; Asante is 5’10”.  This turnover resulted in a Falcons FG.  The Lions got two points after Falcons running back Michael Turner was tackled in the end zone.  Atlanta 31 and Detroit 18.  Final score.  The Falcons have secured the number seed in the NFC.

Observations & Miscellanea:

1.  Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden were the commentators.

2.  Roddy White and Julio Jones make incredible catches; Calvin Johnson makes beautiful catches.  He broke Jerry Rice’s record of receiving yards in a single season.

3.  One of the cameras got a glimpse of a Detroit fan who had painted a lion on his face…with snarling teeth-in-mouth to boot.

4.  After Michael Palmer made the TD in the middle of the fourth quarter, he body-bumped fellow tight-end Tony Gonzalez.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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