NFL 2012: Falcons stride just right by the Seahawks

Ever closer to achieving post-season glory, the Atlanta Falcons circled the Dirty South skies with the Seattle Seahawks today.  Televised on Fox, Brian Billick and Thom Brennaman provided commentary.  The Falcons started on offense and after six minutes of moving the ball down the field via a combination of the run and passing game, they took the lead with a field goal.  Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw an interception during their next possession.  Where would the momentum pendulum swing in the first half of the game?  Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud initiated a fumble that allowed his team to get the ball back.  Shortly thereafter, tight end Tony Gonzalez made a one-handed catch in the back of the end zone.  Atlanta 10 and Seahawks 0.  By the end of the first quarter, running back Jacquizz Rodgers ran powerfully down the field, helmet-clinking against a Seahawk in the process.  Nearing the end of the second quarter, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White made a forty-seven yard TD catch.  Pretty, pretty.  Atlanta 20 and Seattle 0.

The Seahawks finally demonstrated a measure of offensive abilities six minutes into the third quarter when wide receiver Golden Tate scampered into the edge of the end zone (bottom of the screen).  Atlanta 20 and Seattle 7.  The Falcons were performing much better than they did in the previous two games but there was still more stamina and stealth necessary to maintain the lead.  The Falcons responded with a Jason Snelling TD; he broke through a cluster of bodies and crossed the goal line.

The Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, parabola’ed himself into the end zone at the top of the fourth quarter.  Atlanta 27 and Seattle 14.  A few minutes later, Matt Ryan threw another interception, which eventually resulted in a TD by tight end Zach Miller.  Atlanta 27 and Atlanta 21.  There was a couple of instances throughout the fourth quarter when the Falcons could’ve gotten within field goal range or at least made a first down and took more time off the clock but with two minutes left in the game, the Seahawks gave the impression they were in more of a position to shock and awe, which they did.  With fewer than forty seconds left, the Seahawks got the ball into the end zone.  WHAT IN TAR BABY NATIONS?!  Seattle 28 and Atlanta 27.

Matt Ryan had thirty-one seconds to get his players within field goal range, which he did.  Would Matt Bryant make the forty-nine yard FG?  YES! YES! ORGANIC GUACAMOLE YES!   The Seahawks’ attempt to make another score was epically ended when Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones intercepted Russell Wilson in the end zone.  The Falcons are going to the NFC Championship game!  Atlanta 30 and Seattle 28.

Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  The National Anthem was sung by four white men wearing black suits.  I didn’t catch their name.  They performed decently but the last line about “the home of the brave” sounded a bit odd.  Too consciously epic and thus not very sonorous.

2.  The Seahawks’ helmets looked to be a deep purple under certain lighting conditions.

3.   Overlain screen graphics appeared occasionally as a player was moving to and from the line of scrimmage in preparation of a play.  The graphic was a horizontal baton with the number and name of the player.

4.  Many of the Seahawks players wore neon green sneakers.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

2 thoughts on “NFL 2012: Falcons stride just right by the Seahawks

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      When Matt Ryan first joined the Falcons as starting quarterback, the joy of watching him perform well was met with equally intense heartbreak when he got sacked, threw an interception, or was so close to throwing a game-tying/winning pass but the ball wouldn’t stick the landing.

      After a season or two, the joy turned into delight and relief…the heartbreak settled into disappointment. Some might argue that one cannot truly experience the highs of one’s team winning without succumbing to the ache the losses as well. I think if the positive and negative emotions weren’t so extreme, then the pleasure of a victory can have a more meaningful impact than the frown of defeat.


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