Off Topic: Today’s Verse 66

So I saw her cross the street
within two beats of a sold-out crowd,
the netting was tight
the lighting was magnificent
and all the bikers kissed the sidewalks
to let her fancy pants,
with white roller skates on
and a hairbrush the size of a messenger bag,
stay clear of the crackling asphalt

So I kept watching,
as she caught up with the sewer of name tags
“Mademoiselle, if you see my lady”
was all she could tell
from his hand-crafted label,
the one I’ve stapled to my lapel —

Or so you keep saying,
with your number 23
scotch-taped on your treasure chest,
the ink still damp from its previous owner,
a bench-warming pack rat,
ratty, tat, tat, snare drum imploding

And so I keep seeing
you across the street,
within two seats of a sold-out coward,
your netting asphyxiating 
the lighting self-indulgent
and all the bikers smeared the sidewalks
to let your prancing fans
with wide bowler hats on
and a fairy crush the size of a Dillinger pistol,
stain tears inside the admiral’s crystal.

— yiqi 27 march 2013 5:36 pm


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