What says the Left

When I showed a colleague yesterday the difference between my right and left hand penmanship and added that my left hand can write Korean but not Chinese (very well), he suggested that I try drawing with my left hand.   I had never considered such an exercise but I decided to give it a try.  Waltz on over here to see how my right hand draws.

This piece is a combination of right (black, purple, and teal inks) and left hand (blue ink).
I call it Jackyll.


This piece is all left hand. I call it Why I Aorta.


This piece is another combination of right (brown and some purple) and left (blue, red, and some purple).  I don’t remember what I named it.


In the first and third drawings, I laid out a “foundation” with the right hand.  The left was supposed to follow along but it rebelled, wanting to swirl and slink instead of glide and curve to the right hand’s tune.  When I was drawing with just the left hand, after “staging” the structure, more disobedience ensued.  My left doesn’t like to follow the rules apparently.  It prefers to act here-and-now to whatever comes to muscle.  Interestingly, I was able to see shapes within shapes more easily.

Here is a comparison of my right and left handwriting:

2 thoughts on “What says the Left

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      I started practicing writing with my left hand one day while doing AP US history (ca. 1997) homework in front of the TV. I thought it would be neat and useful to be able to write with both hands. I’ve continued writing with both hands ever since. I use my right hand to fill out forms and anything that requires writing very small, but my left hand has taken over a lot of the writing.

      As for being able to manipulate objects,the right hand usually dominates*. It’s definitely the primary mousing hand, but I change to my left whenever the right gets tired. I’ve noticed that most of the words I type on a given day require more keystroking from the left hand.

      * If someone threw a ball in my direction, I’d be inclined to catch with both hands.


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