Feels like Being Underwater

Week one of sudden onset pollen allergies has made me feel like I’ve been underwater.  Respiratory activities weren’t pleasant, every few hours a coughing fit…and all I could think about since NCAA weekend was why my body decided that one night it would go to sleep fine and wake up the next in hyper attack mode.  My internal filter has malfunctioned too; I’ve been saying nearly every word or thought that has come to mind, no matter how random.

And then things go hugely bump in the daylight.  Again, I can’t help but feel that life is once more too short not to pursue that which brings one contentment (without excessively inconveniencing others).  Not to suggest that I’m going to operate heavy machinery without a care in the world or that I’m going to take retail therapy into ludicrous speed, but I’m going to savor today because there may not be a tomorrow.  I’m going to relish this hour because there may not be a next hour.  I’ve always been a follower of the mantra, “why do tomorrow what you can do today?”  I’m beginning to see there’s just as much value in not doing today what can be done tomorrow.

PS. Goodnight, Pat Summerall.

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