I Touched a Horse

I’ve seen ponies and donkeys, have driven past farms with horses and cows in the suburbs surrounding Atlanta, but until today I had never seen a horse up close.  Until today, I had never touched a horse.  I was mesmerized and felt at peace.  What is it about horses that can affect a person in this way?  Their gaze?  Their grace?

This one is an eight year-old male named Toffy.  He works at Medieval Times.  When he is thirteen or fourteen years-old and reaching retirement age, he will be relocated to a gigantic ranch in Texas….according to his “handler.”

I don’t know his name but I really wanted to braid his hair.  I believe he said it took four years to grow his hair out long enough to touch his clavicle.

It was a good day.

One thought on “I Touched a Horse

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