Trouble-Making Involves Other Things Too

I’m watching Dateline NBC and the man who was tried and convicted for killing a young girl claims to have falsely confessed just so the police would stop their questioning.  What gets my billy goat’s gruff isn’t why on Odin’s upside-down-tree would a person say he’d committed a crime he did not commit.  Nope.  What befuddles me is his response to Keith Morrison’s question here:

Surely there is more to being less than a choir boy than simply driving certain cars, listening to rock, drinking lots of alcohol alone and with other people.  Not every teen who drives a “fast car,” listens to rock, drinks a lot of alcohol alone or with other people is less than a choir boy.  I’m going to take a semantically OCD moment here to point out that Beach didn’t say that he drives cars fast.  A person can drive a fast car but drive it slowly.


To be less than a choir boy, at least throw in some cruelty to animals, willful property damage, up-skirt photography, and going to the bathroom and not washing your hands afterwards–knowing that the people in the other stalls can hear your non-soaping.

And now for some less random news.  Nine Muses wants you to eat potato chips.

4 thoughts on “Trouble-Making Involves Other Things Too

  1. Christopher

    While to say “I drove fast cars” doesn’t, as you imply, mean the cars were driven fast, to say “I drove fast, cars” does.

    Because there’s no comma between “fast” and “cars” in the written transcription of the interview, it’s only fair to assume that this man drove these fast cars at a moderate speed, if not slowly.

    Of course, he just could have driven these fast cars fast. Had he done so, he likely would have exceeded legal speed limits, and so have broken the law.

    Because in law there’s always an assumption of innocence until guilt is proved, the burden of proof lies on those who assert that this man drove these fast cars fast.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      There’s another cliched phrase of “sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.” It conjures a more specific image, though. So does “tattoos, motorcycles, and littering.”

      For once, I’d like someone to admit to being a teen with a rebellious streak because he engaged in other illegal and or socially impolite behaviors…just for variety.

  2. Christopher

    I’ll guess you’ve heard that old joke about the teen with designer-paint-stained jeans, who says to her disapproving mother, “But mom, I want to be a non-conformist just like the other kids.”|


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