Enrolling, Dining, Hiring

Recent hyperlink travels during late night Google sessions have convinced me that trying to decide which high school to enroll one’s child, which restaurant to patronize, and which interactive media agency to hire for a project involve similar if not identical evaluation processes and decision-making.


How is figuring out which high school your teenager should attend similar to selecting a place to eat or hiring an interactive media agency?  Aside from the exchange of money for a good or service, the factors that persuade you to choose one school, restaurant, or agency over another are virtually interchangeable.

In random order:

1 – Location – Is it reasonably close to where you live/work for district or convenience concerns?

2 – Mission & Values – Does the establishment’s modus operandi align with your own?

3 – Press & Awards – What industry professionals or community citizens have sung its praises?

4 – The Future – Would the investment you make today pay off tomorrow?

5 – Price – How much of an impact does it make on your budget?


As you research and refine options for schools, dining, or agency, you’ll soon see that their identities start to blend into one.  They will be award-winning, passionate, take their students/patrons/clients seriously and apply themselves 120% to satisfy your needs (no child left behind!).  They will either do it all for you (or assure you that they can) or they will convince you that not doing everything and instead specializing in meeting well-defined goals would serve you better — the parent, customer, client.

You may even decide that you don’t need a village to educate/feed/complete your child.  “Home-schooling” may be a better solution.  Enlisting the culinary skills of a work-from-home caterer or freelance digital artisan may fit the bill quite nicely.  Your kid isn’t going to take every class a school offers nor is he going to play every sport; he certainly isn’t going to eat everything on the menu or require strategy points on every aspect of his being.

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