Applied physics, Rugby, and Loving the NFL

The good people at Earth Unplugged have produced a video of various rugby moves in slow-motion.

It’s cool but more so in and of itself.  There is no aestheticizing of the physicality of the sport the way that NFL Films does to football.  It’s not just the slow-motion.  It’s the voice-over narration, camera angles, and music.

Over the years since I started watching NFL games and the occasional college game (go Yellow Jackets!), I’ve met/seen more exhibitionistic NFL fans than college fans.  It’ll be the height of March Madness or the summer Olympics and I’ll see an NFL logo on a shirt.  If you happen to love the NFL as much as these people do, and could envision yourself submitting a compelling textual or audiovisual entry to a contest where five people and friend(s) will win a Super Bowl XLVIII prize package, please click here for more details.  According to the press release:

Stories submitted through Tuesday, November 5 will be entered into the contest that will ultimately select five winners.

Following the deadline for submissions, an NFL panel will select 10 finalists whose stories will be turned into short features by NFL Films that will be unveiled on Thanksgiving weekend and air during games throughout the month of December. Fans will be able to vote for the finalist story that they believe is the most engaging on through Monday, Dec. 23. The five winning storytellers will be announced during the NFL Playoffs.

If you can envision yourself taking time off from school or work for up to a week in early February 2014*, you should do it.  You’ll be the envy of your Eagle Scout troupe, your ballet class, your fraternity, or your city block.  You could be the next Samantha Gordon.


* Not to mention a stack of release forms and other legal documents detailing the extent to which what you wrote, drew, taped, recorded, or conveyed in this particular manner may be used for promotions by the league or its subsidiaries/affiliates…and even if what you submitted is still considered your property or by entering the contest you relinquish all rights to the contents that you just submitted.

** Be sure to scroll down and click on the Rules/Official Rules link to read the fine print, including what constitutes an eligible entry.**

2 thoughts on “Applied physics, Rugby, and Loving the NFL

  1. Christopher

    I think the tackles, or hits, in America football are at least as, if not more, jarring than they are in rugby, because on the whole American footballers are bigger, and wear body armour, the better to dish out the most violent of tackles or hits.

    In rugby, the big (large) players are the ones who push and heave in the scrums, and are for the most part cauliflower-eared lumbering behemoths with no necks. The backs (the ones not in the scrum) are usually smaller because their forte is running and dodging. So they tend to look more like normal men that the ones in the scrums.

    American footballers, while nearly all behemoths, don’t lumber around as much as their rugby counterparts, don’t have cauliflower-ears, and appear to have necks.

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      “Lumber around” — I think you’re on to something there. I can’t recall seeing NFL or college players move in that manner as individuals, but collectively, over the course of a quarter, it can definitely happen.


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