It is What It is

It is what it is, but what is it?

If you’ve watched five minutes of anything on Bravo‘s programming roster (past or present), you will undoubtedly have heard the phrase “it is what it is” in reference to a tense situation where two people have insulted each other directly or are upset with one another on behalf of someone else.

Regardless of how much the audio/visual editing of the footage exaggerates or prolongs the degree of the offense, these shows’ participants gravitate towards the disconcerting situation with a casual assertion that “It is what it is.”

I’d like to remind the viewing public that there are plenty more antecedents to the “it” in real life than a reality television misunderstanding.  In random order:

1. road kill
2. gym bag
3. an interception
4. ear wax
5. a C+
6. hologram
7. rejection letter
8. dirty plate
9. pinata
10. toaster
11. cereal bar
12. head cheese
13. boom box
14. Trapper Keeper
15. butternut squash
16. a pence
17. eyelash
18. stethoscope
19. jelly bean
20. peppermint
21. satchel
22. Garbage Pail Kid
23. stapler
24. spatula
25. row boat
26. monocle
27. windshield wiper
28. natto
29. cognac
30. absinthe
31. a fireside chat
32. the something rotten in the state of Denmark
33. a yeti
34. a chalupa
35. a plate of galbi
36. a Bible – NIV edition
37. Rosebud – spoiler alert

I could keep going but I shall stop for today.

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