Off Topic: 50 nifty United States part 4

Last year I compiled a third edition of news around the country.  Given the recent state of Congressional affairs, I thought it was time to write up a fourth edition, one with happier news.

Alabama – There’s going to be a Von Maur in Birmingham.
Alaska – Sign up for winter adventure camp!
Arizona – Paul’s Carwash has returned.
Arkansas – Did you know Arkansas has a Lost & Found Pet network?
California – What not to do at your local library if you don’t want to be found.
Colorado – CO has a vegan/vegetarian society.
Connecticut – Sticks for marshmallows.
Florida – Smitten with kittens in FL.
Georgia – You know you want to take a hay ride.
Hawaii – Eating gluten-free in HI.
Idaho – Marzipan potatoes
Illinois – For all your cosplay needs in IL
Indiana – Mars mineral investigation
Iowa – The goat cheese that won awards.
Kansas – Greeting veterans as they returned from DC.
Kentucky – Should you want to be certified to operate boating equipment in KY.
Louisana – crawfish and lots of it
Maine – If you’re feeling Vietnamese in ME.
Maryland – You can buy them in MD.
Massachusetts – It’s MIT, need I say more?
Michigan – Fluffy Cocoa Pants is pet of the week.
Minnesota – What’s new at the U of MN Gophers athletics.
Mississippi – Who wouldn’t want mustard dipping sauce in MS?
Missouri – MO has a botanical garden.
Montana – Jazz, please.
Nebraska – You too can grow blueberries in NE.
Nevada – R&R stands for…
New Hampshire – Women’s acappella anyone?
New Jersey – Oh you punster, you.
New Mexico – Baby elephant at Alburquerque zoo.
New York – Is there really a town in NY called Muttontown?
North Carolina – Studio Banks, I say.
North Dakota – Jams and Jellies
Ohio – Go JV football players!
Oklahoma – BBQ, BBQ, BBQ
Oregon – Adopt Persian cats.
Pennsylvania – Buy industrial hoses here.
Rhode Island – Cliffside Inn! Cliffside Inn!
South Carolina – One man’s list of the best pizza in SC.
South Dakota – Mexican in Sioux Falls
Tennessee – You like whiskey?
Texas – TX State U’s mascot is a bobcat.
Utah – The WIC program in UT opens with lifeline.
Vermont – If you have nut allergies in VT but love chocolate.
Virginia – Goat milk soap, yeah!
Washington – PNB and I don’t mean peanut butter.
West Virginia – Joe Manchin is “ashamed and embarrassed.”
Wisconsin – Is the fun really in the country?
Wyoming – Ready for some Wipeout in WY?

map cred: usgs

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