Sacrificial Strawberry and Pumpkin Whoopie

Once upon a time, long, long ago in a kingdom not so far away, there were civilizations of people that believed the gods were responsible for facilitating fortune and good harvests.  Rain was essential to a good harvest.  In times when there wasn’t enough rain, the people believed the gods were unhappy.  Solution?  Human or animal sacrifice! Yeeaah (but please refrain from grabbing your partner and doing any do-si’ing of do‘s)!


And then man discovered meteorology.  No more sacrifices.  Though, don’t you wish that there were actual circumstances in which one could build an altar or a conveyor belt with which to ensure a machine’s expected behavior?  For example, wouldn’t it be so much more sensible to troubleshoot a copier by feeding it scrumptious baked goods rather than opening up its innards and pulling this cog out followed by twisting that cog to the left to free a paper jam?  Don’t get me started on ink cartridges and toner.

Luckily, it has never been part of my work responsibilities to keep these sorts of machines appeased but it’s been frustrating even as a bystander.  The following is my take on such a ritual.

Step One: Anoint the copier with a strawberry mini-cupcake crown.

Step Two
: Introduce a pumpkin whoopie pie on a tea saucer.
Step Three: Thank the baked goods for what they are about to do.
Pirouette over to my tumblr for more views of these sweets.  The strawberry cupcake and pumpkin whoopie pie above are from Mae’s Bakery on Lenox Road.  I love the mise-en-scene of the store; it’s like a Donna Hay magazine come to life.

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of the store on Bravo recently?

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