Off Topic: Today’s Verse 70

I remember our first conversation
about a girl with pink hair
who dueled her classmates in an upside-down castle,
for the right to protect a girl with purple curls

I remember our first adventure
about a girl trying to buy a boy a cookie
who talked in front of cameras in a room filled with glass,
on a beach, up the street, and in bloodshed cities

I remember our first misunderstanding
about a girl trying to be herself
who defied convention and counsel to shun the world she knew,
for the need to be let alone

And now I remember the quietness
about the air and the water
that colonizes whenever you aren’t near,
near to my heart and to my laughter

as you start a new ever-after,
a finger’s length away from a pair of bright eyes
I wish you stay true to your bliss
and follow it even if it falters.

— yiqi 3 November 2013 1:34 AM

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