Off the Road Back in my Day

I had wanted to watch Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Harald Zwart, 2013) when it came out in theatres in late summer because I adore Lena Headey and I’d grown fond of Lily Collins.  I didn’t end up watching it in the theatres, though.  Instead, I opted to wait to get the DVD.  I had a pretty good cinematic time but what I kept thinking about while the film was nearing its final twelve minutes was the idea of birthrights, destiny, and the repercussions of choosing not to embrace it.  In so many rite-of-passage narratives for both adult and young adult audiences, the protagonist plunges into a world of intense responsibilities, broad-scope sovereignty, and tests of tenacity, endurance, and integrity.


I can imagine how much more enthusiastic a person could be if they found out they had a very specific purpose in life, regardless of whether or not there is a quest to be had, an adversary to confront, or a balance to restore.

Step back for a moment, though.  What if you don’t need such a mission?  What if you refuse to enter the family traditions?  What if you wanted to join the other side?  Assuming that your role involves more than calming turbulent oceans or caring for flora and fauna, how old do you think you’d have to be before your parents or other caretakers would need to tell you what lies beneath your consciousness or pedestrian, adolescent routines?

And, as the parent, why in Freya’s good corral would you try to protect your child from a substantial portion of his/her identity by withholding information?


A thought from a few weeks ago:

I’m glad I got my college and graduate degrees in a time when one didn’t have to be both a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in order to meet the standard of “impressiveness” on an application.

Back in my day, movie tickets ranged from $3 to $8; answering machines were awesome, fax machines were awesome; you had no idea how many mutual friends you may or may not have with any of your other friends unless they told you.  If you had any news to share regarding a life event or life decision, you had to make many phone calls.

One thought on “Off the Road Back in my Day

  1. Christopher

    ”……..What if you refuse to enter the family traditions? What if you wanted to join the other side?……..”

    Je me demande si le prince Charles d’Angleterre ne consideré jamais cette question?


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