Off Topic: Today’s Verse 72

Mission Statement:

Merry the bell goes round,
and round the bend it goes,
whistle, gristle, the animal splayed for you
Terracotta soldiers buried deep beneath
the bayou,
covers up the suffering in a grandiose tapestry,
Light the burners, pile the plates,
Dark alleyways ensue,
Bite the breath, wet with incandescent
robbers through and through.

— yiqi 3 feb 2014


Be water.
Formless and every form
falling flat in the history aisle,
Take back the knight
whose sword is stained by omission
and blind loyalty to fiefdoms left and right,
Shallow banks, building blocks,
all fade in ancient alchemy,
I was there to see your rounded table nights,
I saw you pull down every girl’s hair,
longer than your claims to wealth and power.
To father righteous,
and mother forgetful,
Take the pill and crush it between your wooden pallets,
and then begin all over again.

— yiqi 3 feb 2014

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