Royal Tailor Uncovered

Last November I saw Chris Tomlin perform at The Gwinnett Arena.  Last night, I saw Third Day and Friends there.  The primary reason that I went to the show was in the hopes that Third Day would perform “Your Love is Like a River.”  They didn’t end up playing it, but was a great night nonetheless.




The “Friends” consisted of The Need to Breathe, Royal Tailor, Jamie Grace, and Peter Furler.

I was especially intrigued by the music of Royal Tailor, not only because of their music but also on account of their story.  Each member had grown up in broken homes.  The lead singer’s fifth grade teacher had told him that he would grow up to go to prison.  Take that, Labeling Theory.



Royal Tailor has strong cross-over potential, not that they’d need it, but because their melodies are pop-rock with a hint or urban and their lyrics don’t scream out evangelical mantras, they would reach a larger audience.  I would definitely see them again.

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