Off Topic: Today’s Verse 76

Part two of Fairburn tweed sells.  First part included below for convenience.


Let’s pretend the switch has been flicked on
and I suddenly comprehend all you tried to feed me
and it goes down smooth,
like a champion ship sailing,
but there’s still the calculation
that I’d stay the course you set —
I’m still taking in the water ride,
I’m still convincing myself it’s real,
and I don’t know if I want to keep going

to stay in treble
to the table of your contents,
where intersecting laces must overlay,

if it were so easy,
if the pivots and seldom-spoken dreams
could mix and tumble like honey serums,
the shadows which trail me wouldn’t sing so proudly

Let’s pretend the nectar potions
enchant and perpetuate echoes
of a wiser phantasm,
than that which nestles itself
inside the sighs of my ankles.

— yiqi 9 Oct 2014 8:31 pm


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