NFL 2014: Spending time with Laggies and the Falcons feed it to the Buccaneers

Today’s festivities included a matinee of Laggies (Lynn Shelton, 2014), some pulled pork with sweet potato tots and collard greens, and knowing that the Atlanta Falcons still have some stardust in their eyes.

I had a great cinema-going experience today, partly because I like Keira Knightley and partly because it has been quite a while since the last time I’ve been able to have a movie on a Sunday afternoon.  Sam Rockwell was a scene-stealer; he and Keira produce a kind of screen chemistry I hadn’t thought would be convincing.  Yet, it was quite believable.  Keira’s lip may pout and her nose may scrunch up often — these things she may not consciously be able to stop from doing when delivering lines.  What I like the most about her gestures and expressions is the way she can look at her costar and the viewer knows how much her character has been affected by the person standing before her.

As a film itself, though, there was something missing in the tension and other intangible qualities between the characters.  Laggies is more of a daydream that became some flesh and some blood than a film that germinated from blood and bone from the beginning.

I watched the Atlanta Falcons try to do their thing last season but haven’t done so yet this season until today.  Granted, the last five or so minutes were on one of the flatscreens while I was eating an early dinner, but I did watch them keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from having a chance to win or score again.  The Falcons 21 and the Buccaneers 17.  Final score.

I put up some Christmas decorations tonight.  The little snow children and tree are on display the whole year round, but I put up lights for the first time this year.

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