Off Topic: Today’s Verse 77

It was like the ocean had divided up an inheritance,
the acrid shallows patched up nutritional leaks,
and the sailors aboard the mega-yacht
saw land steaming in distant outcroppings
of neglected altar wishes

For this timid adventurer has eloped into the sunset
without the pleading beats of her admirer,
whose cries for mirrored affections were touched
by tortured temperatures,

sizzling at the border stat —
this dream has grown into a prison

So into the ocean the liberator plunges
to catch the waves’ scattering factions,
far away from the light, the source of
serpentine glows that once divined an unimaginable future

in exchange for the warm stillness
that romances the universe,
one inner darling fire at a time

it was like the ocean had awoken
the pulchritude of a nation
and the sailors abruptly recollected
their own dreams of something new.

— yiqi 19 november 2014  10:14 AM


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