Post-Gravy Haze

Georgia Tech did it.  They did it.  They said that they would do it and like Professor Henry Higgins, they did it.  They didn’t make a linguist think Eliza Doolittle was Hungarian royalty, but they beat the UGA Bulldogs 30 to 24 on November 29th.  The Yellow Jackets are going to the ACC Championship game (televised December 6 at 8pm on ABC).


I had quite a bit of stuffing, a couple slices of pumpkin pie, some cranberry sauce, but no gravy this Thanksgiving.  I watched The Theory of Everything (James Marsh, 2014) over the holiday.  While I thought the art direction and acting were fabulous, I left the film feeling like my soul had left my body and left behind my consciousness.  Terrible sensation.

I ventured out on Black Friday and made the retail rounds on Saturday and made practical purchases over fanciful ones.  Toilet paper, paper towels, floss, mouth guards, The Criterion Collection box set of Jaques Tati films.

Today, I went to Phoenix & Dragon and came away with sustenance for my soul.  The cat (box) and I made eye contact and she beckoned me to take her home.  I dreamed over a week ago of a crow flying.  After flipping through the book on the right, I decided it needed to come with me too.

These stones are for stroking.  It is fascinating how much calmer a person feels just by twiddling them in one’s palm.  It’s even better than a “don’t push this button” button.

And now the Buddha charm has a garnet friend.


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