Au Vent

I went walking towards the wind, leaning forward against the brunt of a bewitching speech.

~ Our pulses raged on like the Rockies aflame ~

I went dreaming towards the tree line, following the four-leggeds into a dense forest,

~ Our overlapping awakening caked on the walls like a book-burning ~

I went sledding down a hill towards my ancestors, spilling joy from snow drift to snow drift,

~ Our intersecting streets diverge, running parallel into infinity ~

I went careening into the breath of Kuan-Yin, a cup of tea for prosperity

~ Our last dance disintegrated into a hypothetical balanced beam ~

I went running with the voices of a millennium, her padded feet ever-ready
for my hungry, saving grace,

~ Your magnetic pole will no more enrapture, no more burn this traveler into a memory ~

I went under the earth of me, into the core of my own longing,
crates upon crates, all broken and superfluous,
I will take a broom to the dust, clear out a corner of the vintage printing press
for your tired soul.

And there will be no lingering,
for I go where the wind takes me, pulling and soaring, stumbling,
into the winds I project myself,
into the sands I bleed,
into the bands of brethren, I am enfolded
into the steady glow of a literary empire…

a work in progress, methinks.  Because sometimes you listen to the live version of an uplifting Chinese song followed by a bittersweet, sad Chinese song and the above words happen.


Limbo of Remembrance – Wang Feng

Suddenly I think of your face again,
Suddenly I think of the urge you had that day again
Clearly extinguishing starlight in the night,
In a trance, I saw your face again
A bit of sentimentality to the eye,
Seeking, I’ve returned to your side again
Bitterly settled comforting memory
Immediately scatters into shattered pieces of a starry sky

In the midst of a past winter’s night, I secretly turn back,
climb the far bank of an increasingly silver lake
You’re by the moon, a lightly shallow smile
You accompany me across the sheet of stars
In an intoxicated night, in the midst of wind,
I’m unwilling to turn my head around,
Unwilling to throw away
Don’t forget, unforgettable

One look, one time, a sudden pain in the core of the heart
Old friends, story, old affection only fall into emptiness
Before memory, vast in an awakened dream;
After forgetting, there are dreams within dreams

In the midst of a past winter’s night, wavering in the space between stars
Walk until the silver lake has no path
You’re by segmented clouds, lightly consoling
You wipe away that sheet of stars for me
In the midst of the billowing wind,
My heart is ruined and numb, a foot into empty

In the midst of piled memories
I suddenly think of your face again
I suddenly think of the urge you had that day again.


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