Off Topic: Today’s Verse 81


The face you behold when I order coffee,
the voice you hear when I cut in to make copies,
even the breath that you feel when I nurture your devotion —
they are but projections of your own demanding.

The body you snuggle up against
in the deep chasms of the night,
the car you fall asleep in during out-of-state drives,
they are but corroborations of an old story.

I am a kingdom unknown, whole and unto myself,
that stayed below the world’s radar until the winter solstice
when an earthling broke through a rusted gate,
unconsciously aching to restore a bond with the wild.

Dripping with white light, both cool and warm
this earthling unhinged threshold after threshold,
silenced song after song,
and opened a chest of precious metals
passed down to knights of a round table.

Alarmed, I should be,
Ill at ease, maybe,

But have you ever known the power
of the goddess inside you? or tasted abstract creation?
Do you know the sound of your own soul
rising out of your destruction
to meet an oblivion that knows only the peace
of a shared secret.
of a tacit smile daybreak meeting?
To be in two places at once,
without maddening duties of both demon-slayer and demagogue?

Though I keep the face that you see, the voice you hear,
the breath that wrinkles into your blueprint of the future,
I dig into my bones, 
reserve the entrance to my kingdom
for the earthling who made a myth-maker out of me.

— yiqi 24 march 2015 1:33 pm


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