The One Where Michael Bolton watches his song being sung to him.

It’s hopeless.  I’m a patchwork sap with two parts potions and daggers and three parts a bleeding heart.  Only, you can’t see my heart, so make do with my profile.

I’ve never even really liked this song all that much until now.  The singer is Moon Myung-Jin.


Sometimes, late at night, when I need a hug or a smile, I listen to Korean non-pop singers sing non-Korean songs.

The man is Im Tae-Kyung and the woman is Jung Sun-A

The man is Hong Kwang-Ho and the woman is Jung Sun-A.

And then you can’t stop listening/watching. Here’s Kim So-Hyun.

Here she is again with Min Young-Gi

Can you imagine being a dog or cat desperately in need of a new home and your foster parents want to keep you?  And they sing this song to you?  Would you choose them? (Soprano is Han Kyung-Mi and Baritone is Choi Hyun-Soo).

Or, you and your sweetheart have graduated from university and are both uncertain about the future.  Were the last few years just fun or do you want something more from your Raoul or Christine? Come on now, don’t be afraid.  Say it, “Anywhere you go, let me go too.”
(Christine is Kim So-Hyun and Raoul is Im Tae-Kyung)

Sometimes, you wish you had the orchestral accompaniment and an interpretive dancer.  The singer is Lee So-Jung

Then, you realize you’re just being something stupid, featuring Kai and Lee So-Jung

Which brings you back to your mother tongue and watching Zhang ZiYi and Eason Chan enamored with this singer.  I didn’t catch his name.

For you are the last one to know and the last one to feel, that’s what Amei said.

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