I Touched Another Horse

Today’s post shan’t consist of creative (non)fiction. Instead, I would like to take this moment to recount my second encounter with an equine creature.  I touched a horse two years ago.
Today, at Avalon in Alpharetta, I touched another horse.

First came the fountain.

Second, just your usual Saturday being stuck in a looking glass:

And then, horse:

When horse met girl, he let her touch his nose. Twenty-one years-old, his name was Romeo:

He was a beautiful horse.  I never thought that when I left my abode this morning that I would see, let alone touch, another horse.  We had a moment and it has made my year thus far.

3 thoughts on “I Touched Another Horse

  1. Christopher

    This posting touched (sic) me.

    Maybe your touch made his day. Maybe he still remembers your touch, and wishes he could see you again……..


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