Ode to Boys

That’s right.  That’s what I said.  An “ode to boys” – phrase taken from my tumblr.

Sometimes the only reason you hang out with the athletically oriented was because you wanted a cover for sitting on the bleachers during football practice so you could watch #20 make impossible catches.  The quarterback would peel back, offense fanning out like cereal spilling out of a box tipped over, defense half-twitchy, and then he would be there.  Somehow, his eye-line connected with the quarterback’s and in seconds, the wide receiver vaulted into the air.  His arms reached out like a quick-thinking gazelle, his legs followed in a display of parabolic radiance.

For the record, the above scenario never happened to me or anyone I know.  But, it wasn’t until I happened to see a wide receiver in a televised college game many years ago make such a catch that I started to appreciate the male form.  And then I became quite envious that his body-line was better than mine (even after nearly a decade of ballet).

Now, back to these boys.  First up. Beenzino.  How could you not want to take him home and have a nerf gun battle? Followed by a plunge into a vat of jello? Peut-etre.

Next up.  Boy bands.
I used to check out every new Kpop singer or group as they were making their debuts.  As of the last few years, though, it can take up to a year before I look up their videos on YT.  So, let the drooling begin.

U-KISS (actually, I’ve been listening to their music for over a year now):

Teen Top (I looked them up about the same time as U-KISS; I really, really love these songs):

BOYFRIEND (looked them up a couple months ago, cuteness and prettiness abound):

GOT7 (looked at their stuff a week ago and I am completely crushing. HUGE time):

— My favorite one is wearing the red Adidas jacket and the backwards red cap.  His name is JB. Trop mignon! When he smiles, sweet jeebus.

— He’s wearing a gray Atlanta Hawks shirt and a blue jacket in this one.  I’ve listened to this song about 100 times in less than a week.

So cute.

— the beat in this song reminds me of Jon B’s “Don’t Talk.”

— I gotta say that I like the melody and beat of this song more than the lyrics, as they can be interpreted to be “awwww” and “oh-kay, that’s kind of excessive” at the same time.

I especially like GOT7 because their music makes me think of Kpop from the late 90s and early 2000s a la HOT, 1tym, and Shinhwa.

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