Say Bon Jour to My Little Writing Prompt

What is self-sabotage? Go!

Fear is a survival mechanism that is difficult to tame.  When faced with the possibility of being another animal’s meal or another man’s trophy, fear can work wonders when harnessed and accessed organically for the purposes of self-preservation.  But, it also has a tendency to go off-target and render a person incapable of following through with intentions and desires.  One is literally handed what one covets and the reality of having it is too much to bear. So, one rejects it.  Or, if one later realizes those desires were premature or formed on too little information, fear still makes a person unable to decline politely an offer.  Thus, one may (un)knowingly behave in ways so that the offer is never made or quickly rescinded.  Or, one cannot accept and then embark on a new journey without having a panic attack every other day.  This bollocks has to stop.

In other news, I wrote a poem for a stranger at a Starbux the other day.  I asked for three words: a color, a woman’s name, and a beverage.

See the sheep grazing,
like lost melodies
for Chelsea,
her blue bonnet dances
w/ a fervor
entranced by too much beer.
— yiqi 7 may 2015 11:55 AM

2 thoughts on “Say Bon Jour to My Little Writing Prompt

  1. Christopher

    Autrement dit: Fais attention à ce que tu souhaites, tu pourrais l’avoir. Non?

    Don Draper (Mad Men) a dit: “Fear stimulates my imagination”.


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