Look Sharp

I spent part of my day at the Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria.  I’ve always liked looking at knives, swords, and daggers.  One could attribute this interest to chanbara, or samurai cinema, fiction I’ve read where the protagonist is artfully dangerous with them, and the lead singer of Dir En Grey about to unsheathe one.

It’s somewhat odd that that whenever I walk up and down a flight of stairs, I picture myself falling down and not getting back up; whenever I approach a group of large motor vehicles on the highway, I imagine getting in a horrible accident where I only have minutes left to make a phone call to say goodbye or “Hey, so this just happened.  I’m really going to miss you.”  Whenever I drive under trees during a rainstorm, I imagine getting crushed.

But, in a room filled with lethal weapons of impaling and blood-letting destruction, I don’t think a single self-directed violent thought.  Instead, I’m entranced by the curve of handles, the shine of blades, and the many uses of such implements.  You know, objectively…not malevolently.



Made by Sabersmith Inc, handcrafted medieval swords.  The latin on the middle sword pertains to hailing Caesar.

Dragon Claw

These are cane swords.  You unscrew the top and the sword comes out.  You unscrew the bottom and a small knife is at your disposal.


This man was carving an eagle’s head.

I saw a folding knife with a blue and yellow handle made by one Alan Folts that caught my eye. Unfortunately, there is no visual aid.  I wanted to pick up a souvenir but I didn’t have enough currency.  Next year.

2 thoughts on “Look Sharp

  1. Christopher

    Ce qui a été la répartition par sexe parmi les personnes présente? 99% les hommes, 1% les femmes?

    Recommanderais-tu cette exposition comme un club de drague pour une femme de chercher le mariage?

  2. sittingpugs Post author

    Hahaha. One could indeed say there were more males than females in both the number of exhibitors as well as attendees, but what I found more interesting was that other than the handful of Asians I noticed, everyone was white.

    I don’t think a woman who’s looking for a mate would go to these events unless she actually likes knives. Pretending to enjoy watching competitive group sports is much easier. ^_^


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