Il Pleut et Il Fait Du Vent

Ever since I was a child, I had never liked thunder.  It was too loud.  I didn’t mind the grumbling, the growling, but the clapping and cackling sort always sent me under a desk.  In a way, I felt as though the sound could turn me inside out.  I found myself witness to a sudden thunderstorm this afternoon.

I was looking for sandals when I heard the rain batter the roof.  I looked up to the front doors and saw the rain falling down in diagonal columns.  I went outside and filmed a bit of it.  I stayed outside and heard clapping thunder a few times — I did not feel like my insides were being turned outward, I did not squirm at the sound of this sudden downpour.  Rather, I thought about what  Black Elk said about thunder as well as the role of “thunder beings” in Sioux folklore in general.

The wind stopped a few minutes later, the rain lessened soon thereafter.

I did not find any sandals.

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