Off Topic: 50 nifty United States part 5

Two years ago I made a fourth edition of news from around the country.  I’m doing it again today.


Alabama – Corner Bakery is coming to Alabama.

Alaska – Outdated water treatment systems aboard ferries.

Arizona – This girl’s zucchini noodles recipe got her an invitation to the White House.

Arkansas – Governor, officials, the Quapaw Indian tribe and a piece of land.

California – Driving in California.

Colorado – West Nile spotted

Connecticut – There’s a Scotland in CT.

Delaware – Historical schoolhouse to become a what?

Florida – The birds are gone.

Georgia – Atlanta’s got a futbol team now.

Hawaii – Honolulu PD is hiring.

Idaho – Some time in Boise.

Illinois – Chicago weather

Indiana – The dam needs to go.

Iowa – Bird flu in the state

Kansas – KS wants in on the film industry.

Kentucky – Driving in Kentucky.

Louisiana – There’s going to be another Trader Joe’s in LA.

Maine – Say hello to the milkman.

Maryland – University of MD to sell alcohol.

Massachusetts – Ghostbusters remake and Chinatown

Michigan – Hot dogs in downtown. The food, not canines sweating.

Minnesota – Mussels in the Red River

Mississippi – Yay Jenny Simmons.

Missouri – City vehicles and tax payers

Montana – A Confederate fountain in Montana

Nebraska – A domino effect of help

Nevada – Bunny Ranch…now you know.

New Hampshire – Immunity from criminal prosecution for overdosing

New Jersey – Mind the marine life

New Mexico – When the power goes out at a Wal-Mart

New York – Variety has its eye on these seniors

North Carolina – Yes, NC has a state championship for food trucks.

North Dakota – When the doctor comes to you

Ohio – Arrests down

Oklahoma – A million feral hogs in Oklahoma?

Oregon – Drivers taxed per mile of travel in state as opposed to at the pump?

Pennsylvania – The dog really did eat it.

Rhode Island – Lactation consulting

South Carolina – Driving in SC looks much like driving anywhere else in the US.

South Dakota – 1,000 year-old corn!

Tennessee – Should Broadway traffic be blocked on the weekends?

Texas – Driver-less car testing in Austin

Utah – Salt Lake City firefighter helps a dog.

Vermont – Farm of the year is….

Virginia – Advocating for kids with special needs

Washington – Parking could be harder in Seattle

West Virginia – Dunkin Donuts is coming.

Wisconsin – Vigil held for dead teen

Wyoming – Charged for raising a deer


After looking at the headlines in news outlets in all fifty states, people are all the same.  We do about as much kind things for each other as we do idiotic, hurtful, and deadly things…with or without intent.

And South Carolina’s flag situation was teased on pretty much every site. I sometimes forgot about what state I was reading.

Map cred: usgs

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