NFL 2015: Falcons Nose-Pick the Titans

It has been ages since I’ve talked about football in the context of a real game.  It has been full moons since I’ve mentioned real athletes or that the Atlanta Falcons‘ head coach is now Dan Quinn.


On August 14, the Tennessee Titans slid south to go up against the Atlanta Falcons in the first 2015 pre-season game.  The Falcons would beat the Titans 31 to 24.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.  If you’re an Atlanta fan, see quotes and visual aids here.

The reason I set up this blog was to continue writing about televised and cinematic football (and other sports as interest compelled).  Non-sports creative writing soon joined the lunch table and eventually overtook the menu.  I could’ve rebranded myself, I could still rebrand myself, but this blog is not my person.  It’s not my hair or my psyche, I don’t need to re-define it just because I have not written about sports or sports films in a very long time.

I’m keeping this identity because it’s something I developed genuine interest for during grad school.  And, it’s not such an integral part of my sense of self that in some ways it’s a sanctuary.  To think about the human body as kinesthetic, organic machines dissipates the relentless inner monologues that cry out the same lines I could spit blindly and still touch one of them.

Et puis, people who like sports and movies do like and think about things other than scoreboards, spandex, being hurt vs. being injured, and personal rituals correlated with the victory or defeat of one’s favorite team(s).

2 thoughts on “NFL 2015: Falcons Nose-Pick the Titans

  1. Christopher

    Je peux facilement comprendre pourquoi tu n’ecris plus beaucoup sur le football.

    Tu es différente aujourd’hui de ce que tu étais en 2007 quand tu as commencé ton blog. Tu n’es plus tout à fait la même personne.


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