Peaking at Any Age

Some of us know people who peaked in high school or college, people who were never more radiant than at their prom or a fraternity ceremony or working at their college newspaper.  Some of us know people whose lives couldn’t have gotten any better the moment they were no longer single in the eyes of the law or the moment they finally realized what would truly give them happiness in a capitalist system.

And then there are people like Mike Fiers (fear-s?  fires?  fyeers?), who did something he will not soon be forgetting in the area of pitching in a baseball game.


Have you peaked yet?

4 thoughts on “Peaking at Any Age

  1. Christopher

    “…….Have you peaked yet?…..”

    Ça dépend de ce que tu entends par “peaked”.

    DH Lawrence a décrit toute homme qui n’arrête pas de dire les mêmes vieilles histoires, “a roomful of old echoes”. Un tel homme a “peaked”, je te dis.

    J’en suis pas encore là. Mais j’y suis presque.

    Comment ça se passe avec toi?!!

    1. sittingpugs Post author

      Pas mal. Pas bien. To peak in the sense that one cannot imagine one’s life being any better, more fabulous, more all right, more carefree, or more acceptable.

      1. Christopher

        You seem to be talking about the “outer self”

        But, what about the “inner self” – that “inner self” that is marginalised in the extroverted English speaking culture? That inner self that is of the spirit and intellect.

        Our souls are awakened when we grow up, Our heightened sensitivity to the excitement and promises of life closes down when we go into the cruel world of work, and are bludgeoned into being just like everyone else by everything that screams at us from the popular culture.

        By the time we are middle aged we are dead from the neck up. The bright happy curious child we once were, has become as a zombie, no longer interested in anything outside his bailiwick, other than keeping up with the Kardashians……..

        1. sittingpugs Post author

          Ah, oui. I was referring to the outer self. I don’t think the inner self can peak. Some say it takes lifetimes to plateau or plummet into disgrace.

          Some bright, happy children never lose their spark of joy. Whether they are better at letting things go or not seeing some things, they don’t turn into curmudgeons. What to the mediocre kids do? What happens to them? or the self-drumming, subtle iconoclasts?


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